17 thoughts on “Distance”

    1. Yes, you’re right Tom. People complain about their droppings and I find it ironic since it’s us who are taking their natural spaces away. I think they are such formidable and beautiful birds.

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  1. No one talks as much as a Canadian Goose, Sylvia. You captured it. Love it when they fly over in their massive Vs moving north and south, honking the whole way. โ€“Curt


  2. Near our home in “the country” (it’s becoming increasingly urbanised) … there is this massive new subdivision going in. It was the former habitat of geese and amazingly they have “stood their ground” … clung to what little natural land is left of theirs and manage to navigate their way through traffic. They are heroes to me – I see them as kind of stoic refugees. I’ll try and get some photos as I’ve been wanting to document them for awhile.


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