Tom’s Diner

photo by Sylvia taken at Tom’s Diner in Dormont, Pennsylvania

(my little version i was thinking about
a couple Sunday mornings ago at Tom’s Diner)

i was sitting
in the morning
at the diner
on the corner

i was thinking
of the years
that passed by
steadily and still

the smells of
fresh brewed coffee
made me close
my eyes and wonder

where my art school
dreams have drifted…

an homage to Suzanne Vega and her song Tom’s Diner, 1981

28 thoughts on “Tom’s Diner”

    1. Because these lines:
      Out in the distance her order was heard
      And the soldier was killed, still waiting for her word
      And while the queen went on strangeling in the solitude she preferred
      The battle continued on…



  1. You won’t believe it but I heard Suazanne Vega sing Tom’s Diner, accapella, Saturday night at Carnegie Lecture Hall, Pittsburgh. She had the audience join in on the chorus each time. No kidding!


    1. Well now I’m kicking myself Ruth. When we were at Tom’s Diner in Dormant a couple weeks ago, my daughter saw a small poster advertising that Suzanne Vega would be at Carnegie Lecture Hall in Pittsburgh. It had no year on it so I wasn’t sure if it was just something they hung up because it’s Suzanne Vega or if it was actually advertising an upcoming performance. I meant to look it up and never did. So glad you had a good time. I thinks she’s such a cool musician.

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    1. I have most of her albums (i still say albums). This one in particular, Solitude Standing is really very good. The song Tom’s Diner has been covered by various people and parts of it have been used in many other songs. She’s pretty awesome.


    1. I love folk music and her contemporary spin on an old, beautiful sound is really pleasing. I think she’s great and am pretty bummed that I missed her last Saturday when she was 8 miles from my doorstep! Ah well. Next time.


  2. “where my art school
    dreams have drifted…”

    This is what struck me, Sylvia. Seems so easy to let things drift, and so hard to recapture them. But not impossible. –Curt


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