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      1. It doesn’t surprise me that they would have said that to you, and for that reason I find it quite depressing. I’ve never understood this need to designate certain things as being for boys and as being for girls. I think you would have loved Lego as a kid. 🙂


    1. I completely and totally agree. I attribute my desire to get a motorcycle license in the next coming years to the fact that I wanted to have a big wheel in the worst possible way and was told that was also just for boys. Ridiculous.

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  1. A hand-me-down tricycle with a broken pedal from the neighbours. I’d hare round the yard with my brothers playing cops and robbers. A skipping rope, jigsaw puzzles, any board game to play with the family. I didn’t have any dolls – but my kids had Barbies and My Little Ponies etc


  2. I had action figures that were constantly getting in to wars, smashed by rocks and jumping off the back deck. Later I had a purple, chopper minibike. It was really the coolest. I am not kidding! Baseball was fun too. Great post.


      1. My parents lost their farm to a bank foreclosure sale when the price of hogs plummeted! I was in Canada, so likely sold at their auction! But, also so many things we don’t think of as treasures, till it is too late! Of course, I moved some things from Pa, to Iowa, to Canada, and then to Ohio and got rid of when moving to Bangladesh! Now, back in Ohio there are a few things, I wish I had! So it goes! Thanks again for this post!


    1. Well you know, I read a lot about letting material things go and I try to incorporate this into my life. So of course you wouldn’t have traveled all those places while lugging your trains with you. We don’t really need the tangible object to remember. But I still find it difficult to “let it go”. I saved my Barbies for 30 years. Gave them to my 2 year old daughter, and had the puppy completely eat them a week later. They were destroyed. And so it goes…


  3. I remember wanting a Barbie, but got a Tressie doll instead (her hair was adjustable to long or short). I always asked for a Tonka truck of my own, because my brothers wouldn’t let me use theirs, but of course, “that wasn’t a girl toy.” >:-(


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