One Day

yellow tulip and primrose
photo by Sylvia

i witnessed a devastating fire on a sunny day in March,
i heard the glass pop and the timbers fall within great plumes of suffocating black smoke–
i placed my face close to the velvet petals of a tulip and felt a cool greeting in response–
i watched a small child ride a scooter in the street and an old woman yell at him to move along, his indifference made clear in the straight position of his young shoulders–
i held a pup’s head that will grow to be larger than my own and marveled at her soft, gangling beauty–
almost too much for a lifetime, let alone, for a day

15 thoughts on “One Day”

    1. Thank you Javier. The contrasts of those simple things, the huge fire against the tender flowers and the small child, I don’t know…it was so much to take in and process.


    1. Yes. I think the fire tipped it over the edge for me that day. Seven firefighters were trapped at some point inside but thankfully, no one was hurt. It’s interesting when something negative happens, it throws everything else around you into a huge spotlight.

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