15 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. They are indeed tiny. If you take advantage of the link icon when importing the image into WP the image will open larger. I can’t see the pepper flakes on my high res monitor because the webpage image is only 2 inches high.


  2. The birds are really tiny, and yet, they’re, soaring above the skies, and, it’s a wonder how as we humans gaze up to the skies to see something so tiny, and realize how much more freedom they have up in the skies, compared to us, who walked the surface of this earth, isn’t it???


  3. Love watching the birds. Or the flying foxes. Just watched one yesterday and although I would never be able to put it in such amazing words as you do, I felt what you are saying while watching it fly by…


    1. I almost didn’t post this because it’s not a particularly good photo since the birds are almost invisible. And I tried to “link” it to my original without success. But, the sentiment is true even without an image to go with it.
      I must ask, what are flying foxes?

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