25 thoughts on “Illusions”

  1. I LOVED this photo. Last autumn, we got to take a once-in-a-lifetime train trip, in serious luxury, covering the entire west coast. Only 3 days but the sun setting (and rising) on the tracks was so beautiful. Your picture had me right back in that fancy compartment, rocking so gently and watching the stunning, too rapidly passing video out our window! Thanks


  2. Excerpt from T.S.Eliot:

    Fare forward, travellers! not escaping from the past
    Into different lives, or into any future;
    You are not the same people who left that station
    Or who will arrive at any terminus,
    While the narrowing rails slide together behind you;
    Watching the furrow that widens behind you,
    You shall not think “the past is finished”
    Or “the future is before us”.

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