9 thoughts on “Bricks”

    1. I was reading a critique about an autobiography that was recently published and it got me thinking about how strong we think we are and how stable we think our surroundings are, until they’re not. And it’s sad, but it’s also humbling. No one is infallible.

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      1. Yes, you are absolutely right. A story comes to mind. A 21 years old, very handsome and intelligent man from a prominent family, three months in his marriage to his school sweetheart, dies in a plane crash. I knew him very little, we only exchanged a couple of words a few times, but even I was shaken. It was in 2002. Recently I met with his grandfather, and yesterday I read his letter where he speaks of his grandson. The pain is still there, but we have to carry on with our life. What can we do in the face of tragedy? I see only one thing that can help. When a system falls out of balance, the most crucial parameter is the time of recovery. Not only the bricks matter, but also the time you would need to reassemble your house. If we strengthen our potential of recovery, we can live again. It is not about your beautiful poem, of course 🙂 I just share this experience in case someone you know might find it comforting and useful.

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  1. Amused my three year old grandson with the three pigs story last week. There was a lot of huffing and puffing, but the worst that happened was that one of the pigs got his tail bit off. The big, bad wolf choked on it. –Curt


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