17 thoughts on “favorite spanish words (another small list)”

  1. Had to look up escarcha. ☺ Do you pronounce “z” as if it were a soft “th”, approximately? I first learned that pronunciation in Andalusia, “a-thul”. Panama doesn’t use that, though. I like esperando too.

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  2. pensamientos is one of my favorite Spanish words . . . it flows from the mouth. Escarcha is a new one for me . . . you certainly matched it with a lovely photo!


    1. Thank you. Both the English version and the Spanish version of the word “frost” are favored words. I love the hard “c” at the beginning of “escarcha” and the soft “ch” at the end. And in “frost”, the soft “f” and “o” followed by the whisper of “st” is just perfect. They both remind me of actual frost and those sounds are wonderful.

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  3. This list, in itself, is poetry. To my great shame, I know only one tongue…so I used Google Translate to learn the meanings of these lovely words…and if I may, I would add — sueno …dream…although I do not know how to pronounce the word itself. 🙂

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  4. Gracias 🙂 not only for this beautiful list of words that, as other blogger has commented, is poetry itself, but also as one of my favorite words in Spanish xx


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