Geese in Winter

geese on frozen river
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

i hear the geese call to one another throughout the night
and in the morning they fly gracefully toward the dawn,
still vocal, continuing their stories in flight–
in the afternoon, they swim against the current,
test the waters with strong beaks, preen oily feathers,
and leisurely resume the ongoing dialogue–
how i wish i could join the easy conversation

13 thoughts on “Geese in Winter”

      1. OK – That makes sense 🙂 It is when they are on my roof having an argument with the “neighbours” at 4 am – that’s when I don’t love them so much! 🙂


  1. I think they gossip, but there is romance in the thought of geese flying north in the winter and south in the summer. Given they mate forever, maybe they are merely chatting with their mates about their new home, kids, etc. –Curt


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