32 thoughts on “daybreak”

    1. That was the sunrise yesterday morning before the snow came.
      The boats that are lined up here are the permanent house boats. People live in those all year round. For Christmas they’re all decorated with little lights. In the spring, when the docks get built up again, these boats are interspersed with the rest.

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    2. They don’t travel in the winter. It’s appealing to me on many levels, but when there’s a windy day, they rock (and the little ones rock a lot), until the wind dies down. I often think that would make me very sick. Gentle swaying here and there seems comforting, rocking for hours…not so much.

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      1. That’s bubble wrapping the top, great way to keep snow off.

        Bubbling the hull is using hoses with holes in them and air pumped into them allowing the air out to disturb the water so it can’t freeze to the hull. I’ve seen this done in Detroit in the yacht clubs.

        An alternative to placing the boat in dry dock for winter.


    1. Oh I see John. Clearly I know nothing about boats. I could know more because one of the boats that is docked directly across from my balcony (not shown) is completely covered and I could ask that man to tell me about it but I once tried to save his little dog who’s leash was stuck on the dock (and was close to falling in the river) and he yelled at me for interfering. So…………I’ll just learn from you instead.

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      1. How rude of him! Good Lord. I grew up boating from a very young age and also raced drag boats with my dad in the 70’s. Cherished years of childhood on the lake in Michigan. Ask me, I likely can answer you correctly! ❤️😀

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