andy williams
photo by Sylvia

“Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight…”

Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
written by: Bob Wells and Mel Torme

Album pictured above: Vintage vinyl–
The Andy Williams Christmas Album, 1963

22 thoughts on “Listening”

  1. My wife and I watched a special on Any Williams the other night with the Osmonds as children. fun program, amazing how some of his brothers didn’t want to be in the business. Your album cover looks fabulous.


  2. I remember Andy Williams and his Christmas specials when I was growing up— along with Perry Como. Peggy and I have been listening to all of the ‘oldies’ over the past few days. Bing Crosby and White Christmas is still bouncing around in my head. Have a great Holiday, Sylvia. –Curt


    1. I just got Perry Como’s voice and Dean Martin’s voice confused the other day. I thought it was Dean and in the end it wasn’t. I never noticed that their voices are quite similar. But the little swagger in the songs is more pronounced with Dean Martin. Anyway, I love them all, and I remember those Christmas specials fondly. Merry Christmas Curt. 🙂


      1. Perry always sat on his stool and sang. Dean always had a drink in his hand. I always loved the crooners as well. Hope you are having a great Christmas. I am looking forward to more of your beautiful poetry and photographs in the New Year. –Curt

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      1. I thank you for saying so, truly. I’m doing a faces challenge this year to perfect my portraits…..I’d love to quit my day job (accounting). I’m really enjoying it! Your photos are quite lovely – do you have any pet photos here on your blog that you wouldn’t mind me trying to capture on paper?


    1. Most of the photos on this blog are taken by my son Wolfgang (and I cannot speak for him). I do have photos of three dogs and one cat that have been featured. I took the photo of my mother’s cat, Jasmine and would be perfectly fine with your sketching from that photo. Thanks for asking, that was very kind.

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