21 thoughts on “What Story were you Telling?”

    1. Wolf took this photo in Arizona at the Petrified Forest National Park. As I looked at these markings on these rocks, I couldn’t help but feel this tremendous link, this feeling of understanding. Someone had drawn these images long, long ago and I felt a kinship…the human condition with all of the positive and all of the negative…shared.

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  1. Peggy and I have photographed petroglyphs through out the west. I am always fascinated by the art, and, from as much as we can guess, the story behind the petroglyphs. Somewhere, in my archives, I suspect I have the same photo that Wolfgang took. I like the words that you wrote to accompany the photo. –Curt


    1. I agree, they are so fascinating. I found the Petrified Forest to be very interesting. I hadn’t been all that enthusiastic about visiting beforehand, but was enchanted once we were there.


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