31 thoughts on “Sounds I love (an incomplete list)”

      1. Yes, we have that here and it is amazing. They fly so low! I once had a similar experience with a hawk flying very close to my head, at eye level, and I heard his wings. He looked right at me as he flew by. I took that experience as encouragement. Peace.

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      2. Of the items on your list, the sound of the flying geese was the one that spoke most to me . . . I like that you’ve included both sounds of Nature and mechanical/technological sounds — it gives the list extra authenticity.

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    1. There are some wonderful desert sounds in Las Vegas too, right? But the woods of Michigan are more like the woods of Pennsylvania. Lots to love and the snow and cold to suffer through! The past couple of years the snow has been fine, but the -22 temperature in January at 6am when I’m walking the pup has been a little too cold. Yikes.

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      1. Last winter was so harsh for you all. I visited with the folks I worked with in Michigan for many years, earlier this month. They said it was the toughest winter in decades. The Canyon nearby provides peace and solitude for me when I want it but it’s not like the woods back in Michigan. Not many sounds, no wooded smells. No snorting bucks… πŸ˜‰

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      2. Some places simply have exactly what we resonate with. Sounds like Michigan is one of those places for you. I went hiking in the Porcupine Mountains in Upper Michigan a few years back. What a beautiful place . . . the trees, the air, the clear water, the lake stones . . . loved it!

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      3. Thank you for your comment! I agree with you completely. Life changes and I’m pretty good at rolling with them too, fortunately. Michigan’s economy is awful these days, many of us have left but the state’s natural beauty will always be there. Especially the Yooper.

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      4. Ahhh magic indeed. As a yank, I fell in love with the desert when my wife drove me through a few years ago, she is a native Californian. i was in Phoenix i the late 1970’s racing boats with my dad at Firebird Lake. It was then that I actually decided I’d live in the desert someday…

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