36 thoughts on “Clematis”

  1. I always pause before saying this plant’s name exactly for that reason. 😊 We have one that we inherited from the previous owners of our house. It’s been blooming annually for almost sixty years. Beautiful photo!


  2. Beautiful! we get only a few scraggly clematis. I think our property is too cold. They seem to do well in town where it’s warmer.


  3. I definitely chuckled at this! Haven’t we all embarrassingly slipped our words? Love the photo, clematis are gorgeous! I’ve never grown them but I always take a peek at a house on my way to the grocery store…clematis climb up light pole by her driveway, so pretty.


    1. I’ve had light purple and dark purple and white with purple stripes. They are so very beautiful. This particular one is in my mum’s garden and the flowers are really large. But I think of this conversation almost every time I look at them!

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