Your Vision

photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

Your path will take unforseen turns. Keep walking, use a stick for support and make some noise in the forest. You will trip and become tired, but remember to look around at the velvet moss, the tiny mushrooms, the hidden snake, the baby chipmunk. Not everyone takes the same path, and not everyone walks at the same pace.
Honor your own journey and keep in time with your vision.

32 thoughts on “Your Vision”

    1. The other day my son came home with anxiety about tests and forms and all of these “chosen paths” that society sets up for our kids. And I wanted to say this very paragraph to him. I said something similar but it wasn’t nearly as poetic and there were some stray four letter words in there as well. Ah well. I think he got the message. Amazing how much calmer I can be with coffee, some sleep and some quiet thinking.

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      1. Hi Sylvia, I know, my son is a teenager now, and sometimes I can see all the trouble that he is having, I try to explain that now all these things are so big, impossible to take in, but few years from now he will look back and see that these troubles were not big as he thought. Each phase of our life has their own path to be chosen. Next day is always a fresh one to start over. Have a great night!

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