What An Abandoned Bench Says

photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia

“Sit with me. Your poisonous, vine-filled journey
will be worth your time. Oh, the secrets I’ll reveal!
The mystic moments of clarity that can be had on
my weathered slats of soft, warm wood.
Come, sit with me….”

I take one step forward, the pup whines, and I retreat.
Another day perhaps.

22 thoughts on “What An Abandoned Bench Says”

  1. The photo is wonderful, beguiling even…but the words with it make this post magical… 😄
    Definitely be careful of the poison ivy!!!


  2. I may be abandoned but you will come back one day I’m sure bring a basket biscuits and some warm tea just something for us to share bites and a couple of secrets between you and me

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  3. So, after reading, I was thinking perhaps another day might be good. A day when a warming sun is not awakening things best left asleep. January might be a good time to visit, all in all.


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