23 thoughts on “Epic”

  1. You mirror my sentiments completely! I have always collected old, quirky, interesting things…my Art room used to be full of wonderful things, not just great to draw but full of stories! Lovely pic and words.


      1. Ah, that was in my past when I was teaching Art in Hign School, before I had my children…6!, down in Kent, England, and before I moved up to Scotland! And like minded folk like yourself would always have been welcome. Hope your day is as bright as that lovely colander!

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  2. I think of the simple things, cooking, putting meals on the table and a family gathering todggether in harmon (perhaps), The 10,000 packages of pasta that passed throught the hands of the mom,from store shelf to the cooking pot and then in the colander, remembering that pastas in various forms have long been a staple of ordinary folk. It’s a lovely colander and I understand why you like it so much. It is a connection with the world, expressed in a simple, useful form.

    And, thatnk you for reading my (writing) blog. πŸ™‚


  3. Great idea for a poem and at a Nigerian wedding all guests were given a colander with the happy couples names. I still use the colander and the couple are happy with 2kids!


      1. πŸ™‚ Where people bring gifts they would truly like to get rid of. A ‘white elephant’ refers to something relatively useless and often a bit on the ugly side. It turns out the colander was neither. –Curt


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