15 thoughts on “Decaying Log”

    1. Thank you. I started a series a while ago of “Everything is temporary” shots. Once in a while I revisit the thought. But as Javier noted, love for a child is never temporary and so this particular thought that sometimes makes me sad and sometimes relieved, is not altogether true. As always, no absolutes in life.

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  1. Love this one. Beautiful done and great comments. “No absolutes in life.” Truth. Thankfully, we leave something behind every moment of our lives. I’d like to think that lingering throughout “old” age will leave a trail of wisdom for others to feast on.


  2. Old snags often end up in my photos. This reminds me of how the trees were downed at Mt. St. Helens, which is another reminder of temporary. New growth is taking place there, however, and some of it is using the old logs for nourishment. It is a reminder of nature’s endless cycles of death and rebirth. –Curt


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