37 thoughts on “The Years of a Marriage”

  1. We need to know how to do all these little tasks to keep our marriage up and running, but it’s so sad some couples can’t mend, fix…. a little damage, and they destroy the marriage.


    1. That’s true. But after having been married for several years I’m less quick to judge when people separate. It reminds me a little of how I used to know a lot of things about parenting until I became one. In many ways, I know less now. At the very least, there are less certainties.

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    1. This was the original name I chose for these lines and then I changed it about five times. I came back to the original because it was just the most fitting. Although it can be said about friendships and other relationships as well.

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  2. Awesome. Sometimes you are just emptied and damaged to such a point where there is no return and no more mending and tending and to keep trying after 24 years, would be to just reignite the endless years of suffering for yourself and children. Every marriage and it’s circumstances is so unique…none can be compared. Your words are beautifully thoughtful and l have been fortunate enough to marry again, a lovely guy and am truly happy. We are carefully tending, adjusting, and trying to always put the other first. Give and take, no judging and never any blame. Thank you, you really struck a chord with this one. Thanks for looking at mine and I look forward to reading all the others.


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