photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia

What is to distinguish us from the industrial ants who build
tunnels and drag their food below the surface for safekeeping?
Why do we think ourselves superior to the clever digger wasp
who makes his home deep into the earth?
I think these obvious thoughts as I approach the subway.

14 thoughts on “Comparisons”

  1. Ants and wasps can do it without the aid of tools… While we, humans, can only dig holes aided by our technology. Yes, you are right… why then do humans think of being more superior than ants and wasps? A deep enigmatic question… 🙂


  2. Funny, I always feel like I live in an ant farm when I take public transit during rush hour. I look around and see 100s of strange faces, all human. I wonder how ants feel when they look at 100s of other ants?

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  3. always been intrigued by ant behaviour – ant life and society can be as complex as ours – their odourous messages, their policing, their disciplines, their compulsions, their goals, their determination and resolve, their selflessness and their dexterity and abilities – all matters for wonder – their sytems of communication etc etc


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