To Be

photo by Wolfgang Stearns
photo by Wolfgang Stearns

I want to be the mallard on the river,
the patch of blue sky between grey clouds,
the sweet, tiny greens on the table,
the anticipated phone call.
I want to be the hand lettered invitation,
the stitch on an antique tablecloth,
the steam from my cracked tea cup,
the curly apostrophe between the “r” and the “s” in “lover’s”.

30 thoughts on “To Be”

      1. Have you seen my post (yesterday) on the importance of healthy soil? We’re reaching out to bloggers who might like to contribute something on January 21st. A keen-eyed, deftly beautiful poem from Spanishwoods would be a fabulous addition. 🙂 If you have the time/inclination, would be great to have you involved!


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