46 thoughts on “Ten of my favorite English words”

    1. The word “frost” is one of my most favorite words in the world. I specified “English” because at some point I’ll make a list of the words I love in English that I also love in Spanish, “frost” being one of those words. The word in Spanish for “frost” is “escarcha”. Love.
      Thanks so much for dropping by today and sharing your thoughts…


    1. Thank you for visiting today. I also find it deeply intimate to share a list like this and I did it before I could change my mind. I wonder how many people would think that was a strange thought and how many others would agree. Interesting.

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  1. What a fun, provocative list. Wonderful words such as these have such power to unlock sensual and emotional feelings. “Gauze” conjured “gossamer” for me. Do you know Whitman’s poem “A Noiseless, Patient Spider?” He uses that word with deft grace.


    1. Yes! Believe it or not, I try not to overuse these words. Recently I used “velvet” or “velvety” in two separate entries. I let it go because I couldn’t find a proper replacement. But I do love these words….


    1. No, actually they are just random leaves on a frosty morning walk with the pup. I took a lot of photos of the beautiful frost that morning, but it’s actually quite hard to capture the beauty of frost with a simple phone camera. My determination to get a good photo of it, did make me question why I wanted it so badly, which in turn made me think of how much I love the word “frost”. And then made me think of the words I love……

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  2. So surprised about the Bougainvillea! It is one of my favourite words in Spanish as well (buganvilla) and it reminds me to my mother, who loves it πŸ™‚


  3. Never thought of my favorite 10 words but I do have favorites. Awful is one of mine because the meaning and use has changed the last 200 years. Now it means “bad” but years ago it meant “full of awe” kinda like awesome now. John Adams writing his wife Abigale back during the revolutionary war, wrote her describing a catholic mass as being “awful”. Today we would think he did not like it. But he thought it was great FULL of Awe”


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