20 thoughts on “Individual”

    1. I actually made it “lightning” originally, then changed it to “lightening”. I thought it held more interest with the reflections of the light in the shot and fact that it sounds like “lightning”. I thought no one would notice, as I often think when I write these small musings. But of course, nothing escapes your sharp and wonderful attention.


    2. Yes, the information on your link is my exact reasoning for using the word “lightening”, as in: to make less dark or shed light. Again a reflection of the beautiful light on the bottles and an interesting twist on the way the word sounds like “lightning”.


      1. The article refers to “lightening” as making something lighter in COLOR.

        I don’t see clear bottles OR the light on them as having color, but it’s not worth quibbling over. For what it’s worth, I don’t think “lightning” is any better than “lightening” to communicate the thought you apparently have in mind. Oh, well! 🙂


  1. What a lovely blog you have (gosh, that sounds like a famous Little Red Riding Hood line). The combination of your thoughts and your loved one’s photography. This one is excellent (lightning or lightening) 🙂


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