End of an Era

photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia

After offering ice cream, cotton candy and
wooden roller coaster rides for over 100 years,
the small amusement park saw its last summer season.
There was a look of cheerful hopefulness accompanied
by dilapidated distress in every building, in every
stone walk, in every exaggerated, macabre clown smile.
Defeat was reflected in our gait as we left the park at sundown.

20 thoughts on “End of an Era”

    1. Both my husband and I have memories of going to Conneaut Amusement Park, so it was with heavy hearts that we visited late this summer, knowing that it would close its doors. Such a beautiful area.


    1. Apparently the park has been very seriously mis-managed, sold and re-sold throughout the years. We learned that the park owes $900,000 in taxes, which made for a tragic backdrop to the jars filled with one dollar bills and little hand made signs asking for donations. The air of helplessness was in everything, from the rides to the signs to the people.


  1. There’re so many things that have disappeared from our lives now they’re only memories for our generation. I join you in sadness!


  2. Lovely poem. I can vividly imagine the desperation thick as smog, invisible and binding.
    It’s sad when places of childhood happiness disappear right before our eyes.


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