26 thoughts on “Twenty-five cent reflections”

    1. Well, you know sometimes my mind wanders and I start to get philosophical and in my Mr. Magoo way I’m driving down the road thinking about life and opportunities and expectations and then I realize, it really was just about the gum.


    1. I actually wrote several different versions for this photo. In some, getting the color that was not desired was ok. Because in life we must make the most of what we have. And I do believe that being thankful and grateful for what we have instead of pining for whatever is out of reach can bring happiness. The opposing thought is that “settling” in life, is rather defeatist and rising to the challenges, fighting for what we believe to be right or true or just or even desirable is always the right thing to do. So the true test must be knowing when to submit and when to defy.

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  1. I believe that what you wrote is a metaphor of life. You’re just unraveling your wisdom that wasn’t free for some reason. You have a new beginning dear S.! 🙂

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    1. Yes, it is exactly like that! I’ll go and look at your post…
      But of course, as I mentioned in another comment, after all that thinking and speculating (and later writing) I was humbled to think that I really truly didn’t like the way the yellow piece tasted. So for all of my grand ideas, I’m reminded that sometimes the simplest conclusion is the most accurate.

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      1. Yes, simple things… even before conclusions and preferences! 🙂
        Whenever I get a bit fussy about foods and food tastes… I quickly remind myself about (and reflect on) my wife’s condition. She can’t even eat any longer. She (because of a serious neck operation with complications) is on gastrostomy tube feedings permanently.
        We don’t realize how incredibly lucky some of us are!


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