My thoughts as I photograph a wall

photo by Sylvia
photo by Sylvia

I am struck by the teal color of the wall and the texture of galvanized steel. I am moved by the glint on the screw and remember learning it was called a “philip’s head”. Thinking about my husband Philip, I wonder how his flight was to San Francisco. Recalling the seafood we ate in California on our last trip, I contemplate what to make for dinner. While deciding to drive to the market for shrimp and walking away from the wall, I notice an older woman staring at me quizically.

23 thoughts on “My thoughts as I photograph a wall”

  1. Thanks for that nice sneak peak into your thought process.
    Those who don’t understand always look at us quizzically don’t they?
    Whenever I kneel down or climb up on stuff to get that unique angle for a shot, I’ll look around when I’m done only to notice staring at me like I’m from another planet. You know what? I like that feeling 😀
    Have a great weekend.

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  2. Yep, that’s the way a creative mind works! Love it, and thanks for sharing. I received similar looks in an airport once while inching closer and closer to a door to get a good shot of a reflection of an airplane in the glass window of the door. It came out blurry :/

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    1. I suppose you’re right, a creative mind is sometimes hard for everyone else to really understand. Although kids seem interested and amazed by small details and somewhere along the lines this gets lost. I think we all start out creative and then…sometimes it seems to fade away in some. Quite sad.


      1. I agree, I think we’re all born with it and then it fades. If you ask a child if they are an artist, or if they can sing, they always answer enthusiastically, “YES”! Of course, as adults, the goal is to find a happy balance between being a responsible ‘grown up’ and taking care of what needs to be done, without totally losing our child-like wonder at the beauty of our world.

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  3. Love your picture but also the thought processes going through your head. I have thought about whether or not to explain some of my photo choices and why something captured my eye or imagination. But I set up my blog already stating that it’s about the image so I feel duty bound to continue! Inspiring though.


  4. I love your creativity! Looking for the little details, the different things, or the beauty in the everyday ordinary. Not everyone loses that child-like sense of wonder….thankfully! 🙂 It makes the world neverendingly wondrous and fascinating. And it’s always fun to find someone with a similar sense of fun. Have yourself a marvellous day! 🙂


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