photo b Wolfgang Stearns/illustration by Sylvia
photo by Wolfgang Stearns/illustration by Sylvia

Passing graffiti in the desert, I wonder, who are the artists?
What person came to this barren, unforgiving land where one can drive for hours without passing a house, a business, another human—and decided to make their mark here in the middle of nothing?

Much later I realized, we are all artists of one kind or another but some of us are brave enough to paint the desert.

4 thoughts on “Exposed”

  1. Very familiar sight, having lived in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Native American and ‘Spanish’ cultures both have picked up this style of art and express it on any surface, particularly those which are remote yet visible. I’ve sat at railroad crossings mesmerized by the art on every single rail car as they racket past. Would I do video, the 10 minutes or so that it takes for the train to roll past would make a fascinating film. No editing required!

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